paraphrase an article using AI

The paraphrase tool rewrites an article using AI that generates remarkably human-like text. The human-like interpretive feature has many options such as SEO keywords, languages, writing styles. Try it for free
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Introducing the article paraphrasing tool

Article rewriting tool is a tool that can rewrite entire long articles, such as a newspaper article, a book, or an essay...

The article rewriting tool with integrated Editor allows you to copy the entire formatting of the original article, including images, videos, bold characters, italics... After rewriting, the new article will retain the original formatting, making it easier and faster for you to edit the new article.

AIKTP's article rewriting tool provides two rewriting methods: Rewrite and Paraphrase.

Rewrite allows you to generate new versions from existing content without losing the original meaning.

Paraphrase focuses on expressing the meaning using different words and grammatical structures, bringing freshness to the content.

You can choose one of these methods for rewriting.

Options of the AIKTP article rewriting tool

AIKTP's Rewrite tool allows for various customizations. Some important information includes:


If you need AI to guide SEO when rewriting a new article, you need to provide target keywords.

After AI finishes writing, you can also rely on keywords to view the integrated SEO analysis results in AI EDITOR integrated in AIKTP.


Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology, AIKTP's rewriting tool can easily rewrite from VN -> VN, or VN -> EN, or EN -> VN.

This means you can rewrite Vietnamese articles into English or rewrite original English articles into Vietnamese. Using AIKTP's rewriting tool, you won't need to use Google Translate but still get high-quality, multilingual articles.

Writing Method

Depending on the AIKTP writing method, it will process the article in different ways.

  • Paraphrase - Original text, changed paragraph by paragraph. Typically used for short articles of 800 - 1500 words.
  • Rewrite - Divides by headings, changed by each heading. Usually used for longer articles with more headings (h2, h3).

Style & Rewrite Writing Style

Not limited in changing the structure or grammar of the rewritten article. When using AIKTP's Vietnamese rewriting tool, you can change the style of the new article. Currently, AIKTP has the following styles:

  • Informal - Often used for magazines, personal articles.
  • Formal - Serious, often used for news, technical, academic articles.
  • Friendly - Warm tone, often used for advice, guides, stories.
  • Professional - Used for analysis, discussions, evaluations.
  • Funny - Fun, satirical, light-hearted articles.
  • Inspirational - Used for speeches, company missions.
  • Nostalgic - Used for personal essays, profiles.
  • Shocking - Dramatic, enthusiastic, provocative. Attracts attention.
  • Conversation - Used for blogs, advice sections.

Edit the Rewritten Article After Completion

After completing the article rewriting, you can easily edit this article using AI EDITOR from

Compare Original vs. New Articles

The dual-screen mode helps you easily compare the original vs. new articles. This way, you can identify where AI may not have performed its task well and proceed with corrections.

In addition, the split-screen feature after rewriting also helps you identify missing images or videos, allowing you to quickly copy from the original text to the new text.


AIKTP has built over 20 SEO scoring criteria based on Rank Math's criteria. Based on your keywords, the tool will analyze the content and provide suggestions for improving the SEO quality of your article.

Change Search Results

You can also change the display results on Search (Google, Bing) using the custom Edit SERP.

This tool helps make your search results more attractive. You can quickly edit: title, introduction, and display URL.

Search for Images and Videos

With AI EDITOR from AIKTP, you don't need to spend time searching Google or YouTube for images and videos for your article.

You just need to select a phrase and click to search for images or videos related to that phrase. You will quickly find illustrations for your article.

Expand Content with AI

AI EDITOR also provides the feature to expand content with AI. You can search for additional data from Google Suggestion or ask AI to continue writing missing content.

Aside from using chatGPT for content expansion, you can also use Bard, a new AI from Google. With Bard, you will have more standardized data from Google. All you need to do is click to select and enjoy the results that AI brings.

Benefits of Using AIKTP Rewrite Tool

Save Time

Using the rewrite and paraphrase tool significantly saves time compared to rewriting the entire content from scratch. By saving time on writing, you can open up opportunities to focus on developing ideas, researching, developing, or promoting products.

Ensure Uniqueness

Thanks to advanced technology, these tools create new content without losing the original meaning. Imagine having an excellent article writing employee diligently reading and understanding and rewriting articles according to various customizations.

Enhance Content Quality

In addition to rewriting, AIKTP's Vietnamese article rewriting tool allows you to automatically expand content. For example, if the original content only has 5 points, you can ask AI to write 5 new points. This will result in more versions of content, thereby enhancing the diversity and attractiveness of your website or blog.

Free Trial

AIKTP's Vietnamese article rewriting tool has a free policy for customers. For unregistered customers, you can rewrite 200 words each time. For registered customers, you can receive a rewrite of 10,000 words per month.

Notes When Using

Check the Results Thoroughly

After using the tool, always check the results carefully to ensure the meaning of the article and the quality of the article according to your standards.

Use with Caution

The rewrite and paraphrase tool should only be used as a support tool, not a complete replacement for creativity and content creation.

Potential for Uniqueness

Since rewriting will change the structure and style of the article, however, there are some phrases like terms or idioms that may not be replaced. Therefore, when you check for uniqueness (duplicate), the uniqueness tools may determine the uniqueness ratio incorrectly. You should review and manually replace if you want to ensure 100% uniqueness.

Use Cases