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Free Paraphrasing Tool, Rephrase Text with AI. The AI paragraph rewriting feature has many options like language, writing style. Try out this free tool to rewrite paragraphs using advanced AI
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  3. Click the 'Do Paraphrase' button and enjoy
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Free Paragraph Rephrasing Tool

Creating unique and creative content is an important factor in developing content on the internet. However, there is not always enough time and resources to write an article from scratch. This is when rewrite and paraphrase tools become indispensable companions.

There are 2 methods to change the content of an article: rewrite and paraphrase the content.

Rewrite allows creating new versions from existing content without losing the original meaning.

Paraphrase focuses on conveying meaning by using different words and grammatical structures, bringing freshness to the content.

Both Rewrite and Paraphrase modes are integrated in AIKTP's Rewrite tool, fine-tuned, upgraded and redesigned by AIKTP's technical team to make it easy for you to use without having to remember complex concepts.

What is rewrite, paraphrase in Vietnamese?

Because Vietnamese text has a more complex grammatical structure than other languages, developing rewrite and paraphrase tools in Vietnamese faces more difficulties and challenges.

Previously, rewrite tools would use synonymous 'words' and 'phrases' to replace each other. However, old rewrites revealed many disadvantages such as fragmented sentences and unclear styles.

Based on AI technology, in 2023, AIKTP launched a brand new Vietnamese rewrite tool. AIKTP's Vietnamese rewrite tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to 'read' and 'understand' the original content and then 'rewrite' the new article.

AI first analyzes the original text, understands it like a person reading a news article or book. AI will then change the sentence structure, vocabulary, expression, and style to create a new text. This ensures that a new text with similar meaning but not duplicated from the original text is generated.

AIKTP Rewrite tool options

AIKTP's Rewrite tool allows you to customize. Some important information includes:


Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence AI technology, AIKTP's rewrite tool can easily rewrite from VN -> VN, or VN -> EN, or EN -> VN.

That means you can rewrite Vietnamese articles into English or rewrite original articles from English to Vietnamese. By using AIKTP's rewrite tool, you will not need to use Google Translate but still have quality, multilingual articles.

Style & tone rewrite

Not being constrained in changing the structure or grammar of the rewritten article, when using AIKTP's Vietnamese rewrite tool, you can change the style of the new article. AIKTP currently has the following styles:

  • Basic - Retain original meaning
  • Condensed - Shorter, easier to read
  • Expanded - Longer, more detailed
  • Funny - Add fun emotions
  • Friendly - More friendly
  • Creative - More creative
  • Emoji - Add emoji symbols 😃👌🎍 to text

AIKTP's rewrite levels

Currently aiktp provides 3 levels of rewriting, depending on your needs and purposes, please choose the appropriate tool.

Rewrite paragraph

Paragraph rewrite mode is the most basic mode of AIKTP. In this mode, users only enter pure Text content, without formatting or images. After rewriting, the content will not be saved to the post and you will not be able to use the AI ​​Editor to score SEO or expand content

Paragraph rewrite mode is suitable for short content such as: Facebook posts, Zalo messages, messenger.... This mode is suitable for those who need to use the Rewrite feature quickly.

To use paragraph rewrite mode, you just need to: copy or type the paragraph into the box, choose the target language, choose the tone you want. Then click the button for AI to rewrite for you.

Rewrite article

Rewriting an article is a more advanced mode, in this mode you can Copy the entire HTML including: content, images, videos from the original article. AI will extract the content, read and understand, and rewrite it for you.

Article rewriting mode is suitable for long content, posts on websites. When using this mode, you can add Target keywords. Thanks to that, after AI rewrites, you will be able to score SEO, edit articles and post to websites via AIKTP

To use article rewrite mode you need: copy or type the article into the box, provide target keywords, choose target language, choose tone. Then click the button for AI to rewrite for you.

Rewrite URL

URL rewrite mode is an advanced feature only available at AIKTP. In this mode, you can customize the outline of the article so you can create a completely different article.

In this mode, you can ask AI to expand or narrow the article based on the URL you provide. For example, the article in the URL has 10 points, but you only want AI to take 5 points in the article and develop 5 new points.

To use article rewrite mode you need: provide URL, target keywords, redefine outline, choose writing style and AI model.

Benefits of using AIKTP Rewrite tool

Save time

Using rewrite and paraphrase tools saves considerable time compared to rewriting all content from scratch. By saving article writing time, you can open up opportunities to focus on developing ideas, researching, developing or promoting products

Ensure uniqueness

Thanks to advanced technology, these tools create new content without losing the original meaning. Imagine you have an additional 'excellent article writer' diligently 'reading and understanding' and 'rewriting' articles with many different customizations.

Improve content quality

In addition to rewriting, AIKTP's Vietnamese rewrite tool also allows you to automatically expand content. For example, the original content only has 5 points, you can ask AI to write 5 more new points. Thereby, there will be more content versions, thereby enhancing the diversity and appeal of your website or blog.

Free trial

AIKTP's Vietnamese rewrite tool has a free policy for customers. Customers who have not registered will be able to rewrite 200 words each time. Registered customers will be able to receive rewrites of 10,000 words per month.

Notice when using

Check the results

After using the tool, always check the results thoroughly to ensure the meaning of the article, the quality of the article according to your standards.

Use with caution

Rewrite and paraphrase tools should only be used as supporting tools, not completely replacing content creation and innovation.

Unique ability

Because rewriting will change the structure and style of the article, however there are some 'terminology' or 'idiom' phrases that may not be replaced. Therefore, when you check Unique (Duplicate), Unique tools may incorrectly determine the Unique rate. You should review and manually replace if you want to ensure 100% Unique

AIKTP's free blog writing tool

The AIKTP toolkit is tailored just for you, aspiring bloggers. AIKTP provides all these tools completely free. Use them as you like. Best wishes for happy and effective blogging!

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