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AI WRITER - Automate Your Content Writing Process with AI

AI WRITER Tool is a tool within the AIKTP toolkit. AI WRITER provides a full range of features to help you write articles quickly, accurately, and effectively.

AI WRITER boosts your writing speed and enhances the quality of your articles using AI. It combines various features such as main keywords, subkeywords, outlining, custom titles, and custom semantic keywords. Additionally, AI WRITER offers four latest AI writing models to ensure the quality of your articles.

You can use the AI WRITER tool by clicking on the top menu. This tool offers many features and writing solutions, but the 'Smart Writing' feature is most suitable for both beginners and professional users.

Click on the AI WRITER menu and choose the Smart Writing feature to get the best article. The usage instructions below will focus on the Smart Writing feature of AI WRITER, helping you understand its mechanism and operation easily.

How to Use Smart Writing - AI WRITER

The AI WRITER tool is a paid tool, but every customer can use five trial articles. The usage of this AI tool involves multiple steps, but it is quick and simple with AI assistance.

1. Enter Main Keywords

To start your article, you need to provide main keywords. Main keywords can be an idea you have for the article or a keyword aligned with your SEO goals.

Main keywords can be the article's title or a central theme you want to focus on. Additionally, specify the Language of the article. AI WRITER supports over 40 languages, including English, Vietnamese, Korean, and more.

AI WRITER integrates artificial intelligence, allowing you to input keywords in your native language and request the article to be written in another language. For example, you can input keywords in 'Vietnamese' and request AI to write the article in 'English.'

2. Subkeywords

In the case that your article targets additional subkeywords beyond the main keyword, you can input subkeywords in this step.

Subkeywords help guide AI in writing content around specific designated topics, improving the SEO score and enhancing the article's usefulness.

If you are not concerned about subkeywords, you can skip this step. Notably, AI WRITER provides a feature to suggest subkeywords using AI, ensuring you don't miss any relevant keywords related to the main keyword.

3. Outlining

Based on the main and subkeywords you provided, AI will help you create an outline for your article. This outline makes it easy to ensure that AI writes according to the goals of your article.

AI WRITER specifically offers a smart outlining feature using AI. You can use two different AI models to create an outline:

  • Use AI (chatGPT): Open AI's technology creates a smooth and updated writing style in 2022
  • Use AI (Bard): Google AI's technology creates an outline suitable for new content and updated in 2023

If you choose to use AI, you can adjust any part of the outline that you feel is not suitable. In case you prefer not to use AI, you can input your own outline. This further ensures that your article aligns with your goals.

Additionally, if you don't want to use outlining, you can skip this feature. The article will then focus on your main and subkeywords.

5. Article Title

In the process of creating the article title, AI WRITER relies on the main and subkeywords, as well as the outlined structure, to generate a title for you. You can choose between AI chatGPT or Bard to generate the title.

With each request, AI will generate 4-6 titles and introductions for you. If you are satisfied with the AI content, you can simply choose the one you prefer. In case you are not satisfied and want to edit, you can input your own edited content.

Your article, with the help of AI, has clear directions including the title, outline, and keywords.

This ensures that AI will write in accordance with your set goals, while still adhering to Google's SEO standards.

6. Data Source

For common and widespread topics, AI usually has abundant data to complete the article. However, if you intend to write about 'local landmarks,' 'local customs,' or 'real estate projects' with little or no information on the Internet, this feature becomes very useful.

AI WRITER tool allows you to specify additional data sources for your article. Adding data helps AI better understand your requirements and write more accurate content.

AIKTP's AI WRITER provides four options for additional data sources:

  • AI's Own Data: Use AI's own data
  • From Google & AI: Synthesize data from Google Search before writing the article
  • From URL & AI: Provide a link, and AI will refer to the data from that link for writing the article
  • Input & AI: Input text data for AI to use

Adding data sources helps AI better understand your requirements and retrieve more accurate and up-to-date information. Therefore, remember to choose the data source that best fits your goals.

7. Semantic Keywords

To improve the EEAT score, making the article more persuasive and useful, you may need to add a few Semantic Keywords.

You can find Semantic Keywords using the free tool Semantic Keywords Finder by AIKTP. Simply provide the subject, and you'll receive a list of Semantic Keywords.

The Semantic Keywords feature is not mandatory for all articles. Typically, articles with specialized industry-specific phrases may benefit from including them. It helps AI have a clearer direction and choose words that are relevant to your industry.

8. Select AI Model and Write Article

AIKTP is a tool that provides the most AI writing models on the market. Each AI writing model has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a model that suits your industry.

  • CHATGPT 3.5 Turbo Latest: Open AI's AI model. Fast writing speed and smooth sentence structure
  • CHATGPT 3.5 Turbo: Older version of the chatGPT model. Slower speed compared to the latest chatGPT 3.5 Turbo
  • Gemini Pro: Google's AI model. Inference speed is a bit slow, but writing speed is fast. Data is continuously updated from Google
  • CHATGPT 4.0: Open AI's AI model version 4.0. Slow writing speed, but better stylistic writing
  • CLAUDE 2.1: Anthropic's AI model. Updated data and high logical style of writing

Among these models, Open AI's model has the ability to generate smooth content. It feels like a writer is crafting the article. The sentences are engaging and fluent.

The CLAUDE model gives the impression of a math-focused student writing. Concise and logical sentences. If you have a background in natural sciences, you might prefer this model.

The Gemini model is a new model introduced by Google at the end of 2023. Utilizing search advantages, it has better data than other models.

After selecting the model, AI will proceed to write the article for you. Typically, each article takes about 30 seconds.

9. Select Images and Videos

After AI completes writing the article, it will continue to search for images and videos (from YouTube) related to the article. This allows you to add visuals to make the article more vibrant.

You can choose one or two images or videos to add to the article. AI will automatically arrange the position of images and videos logically, ensuring you have a complete article.

10. Edit and Publish

Finally, you still need to review the article and make any necessary edits. AI WRITER from AIKTP provides a built-in SEO SCORE tool to quickly monitor the SEO score of the article.

During the editing step, you can easily perform tasks such as:

  • SEO SCORE: View and improve the SEO SCORE
  • AI EDITOR: Use AI to write additional content or replace existing content (rewrite)
  • INTERNAL LINK: Use AI to search for your old articles and add internal links to the current article
  • PUBLISH: Publish immediately or schedule the article

Notably, AIKTP integrates with six major website platforms, allowing you to publish articles on these platforms instantly without manual copy-pasting.

11. Request Google Indexing

After completing the article, AI WRITER will assist you in requesting Google and Bing to index the article immediately. This task helps your article quickly appear in search results.

AIKTP allows you to submit Index requests to the two largest search engines today, Google and Bing. With just one action, your article will be prioritized for indexing in the blink of an eye.

Questions and Answers

What features does AI WRITER include?

AI WRITER includes various article writing features: smart writing, keyword-based writing, outlining, etc. 'Smart Writing' is the recommended feature by AIKTP.

What is the cost of using AI WRITER?

The cost of using AI WRITER varies depending on your VIP package. However, on average, the cost for AI WRITER to complete one article is around 2,000 VND.

Which languages can AI WRITER write in?

AI WRITER can write in over 40 languages, including English, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more. You can easily select the language in the first step of the article writing process.

Are articles written by AI WRITER unique?

Articles written by AI WRITER have a high level of uniqueness. You can check by writing multiple articles with the same keyword; you will see different writing results.

How long are the articles generated by AI WRITER?

Articles typically have a length of 1,500 - 2,000 words, depending on your outline. Generally, with an outline containing 10 heading sections, the article will be around 2,000 words.

Is it possible to customize the length of the article?

The system does not provide parameters for you to customize the length of the article. However, you can change it by adjusting the number of points in the outline (at step 3).

Can I publish the article on my website after it's written?

After writing, you can publish the article on your website immediately. AIKTP integrates with over 6 publishing platforms, including Wordpress, Shopify, Haranvan, Sapo, Blogger, etc. In case your website is not on these available platforms, you can also use the API to publish the article.

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