Free Bulk Bing Indexing Tool

Free Bing Indexing Tool allows you to easily submit thousands of URLs for indexing in Bing search. Quickly check indexing status and get your content indexed faster
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How To Use Bulk Bing Indexing Tool

Bing search results don't display your content. The reason is that your content hasn't been indexed by Bing yet. Are you seeking a solution to index your content on Bing? Instead of sending individual links, would you like to submit a batch of links at once for quick and efficient indexing?

The free Bing Bulk Indexing tool is the key for you. This tool enables you to request Bing to index thousands of links every day with a simple and fast process.

And the best part is, the Bing Bulk Index tool is completely free! You won't have to worry about finding complex, paid tools to index your links anymore. Just use Bing Bulk Indexing with a few clicks, and your links will be indexed on Bing rapidly and effectively.

Benefits of Using Bing Bulk Index

The Bing Bulk Index tool is a free tool in the AIKTP toolset. Its main function allows you to request Bing to index your article links.

Here are some benefits of using this tool for indexing instead of waiting for Bing to automatically crawl your website:

Using AIKPT's free Bing Bulk Index tool is one of the best solutions to speed up the indexing of your links on Bing. It not only accelerates the process but also informs Bing about your new content quickly. The faster Bing indexes, the sooner you get traffic and potential customers from the search engine.

How Bing Bulk Index Tool Works

Before understanding how the Bing Bulk Index tool works, you need to understand Bing's mechanism for indexing the URLs of your website.

Every day, thousands of websites come into existence, each with potentially hundreds or even thousands of new articles. Bing uses its algorithms to search for and discover these new URLs. Once discovered, it processes and stores data about those pages in its index. Bing needs these pages to be in its search index before they can appear in search results.

So, Bing doesn't immediately recognize your newly published content. It takes time to discover your URL, read its content, classify the content, evaluate the content, index keywords, and add the URL to Bing's search engine.

For old URLs that undergo changes, the process to gather data about the modified content can take even longer than for new content. This is because Bing tends to prioritize new content over old URLs. So, the solution is to remind Bing actively, informing it about your new URLs or updated content. This is where the Bing Bulk Index tool comes in handy.

The Bing Bulk Index tool allows you to proactively notify Bing about URLs containing new content or URLs with updated content, helping these URLs get indexed faster. Instead of waiting for crawling, you tell Bing which URLs to crawl and where to crawl them.

Note that only the indexed pages (URLs) will appear on Bing. Therefore, using the Bing Bulk Indexing tool will help you appear in Bing search results more quickly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Bing Bulk Index Tool

To request Bing to index your URLs, follow these steps:

1. Copy URLs to Index

Firstly, copy the URLs of the pages you want to index into a list. This list can include:

Any new or changed content can be requested for indexing. You can create a batch list of URLs but limit each request to 100 URLs. You can request multiple times if you have more than 100 URLs.

2. Paste URL List into the Tool

Next, paste your list of URLs into the text box of the AIKTP Bing Bulk Index tool. Remember, limit each batch to 100 URLs, and each URL should be on a separate line.

In the future, AIKTP may add the feature to upload an Excel or CSV file to make indexing requests even more straightforward.

3. Click Request Bing Index

Finally, click the button to request Bing to index the URLs you just pasted. The system will send the request to Bing for the provided list.

Keep in mind that Bing has only received your request, and it still needs time to process it. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours and depends on whether your website is new or old and whether your content is unique or special in any way.

4. Check Index Status (Optional)

The tool also provides a logging feature for the URLs you requested Bing to index. This allows you to check the indexing status of the URLs you've submitted. You can see if Bing has successfully indexed them.

Additionally, you can re-request Bing to index URLs that haven't been indexed for a long time.

Comparison with Paid Indexing Tools

Some paid tools and services like Screaming Frog or Moz can also be used to request indexing. However, as mentioned, the AIKTP - Free Bing Bulk Index tool is entirely free and has some advantages that other paid tools don't:

AIKTP's free Bing Bulk Index tool is a simple, user-friendly solution suitable for most users. It integrates easily into your workflow. Just copy, paste, and index.

Paid options work well too but may have complex user interfaces and may not focus solely on indexing. They require a larger time and monetary investment. A simple, free tool that can get the job done is an excellent solution for most small businesses and website owners.

Suitable for All Web Platforms

This AIKTP Bing Bulk Index tool works similarly on all web platforms. It operates well regardless of how your website is built:

The tool simply takes a list of URLs and sends them to Bing for indexing. The platform, CMS, or framework your website uses doesn't matter.

However, be aware that URLs requiring login, such as admin pages or member-only pages, cannot be viewed by Bing and cannot be indexed by this tool.

So, use it to index:

And avoid using it to index:

Any publicly accessible page can benefit from requesting indexing through this versatile tool.

With the right setup, you can activate fully automated indexing. New content will be sent to Bing as soon as it's published on your website.


If you want your new or updated content to appear on Bing, the Bing Index tool is your key.

This tool is entirely free in the AIKTP free toolset. It works quickly, effectively, is free, and is designed for users of all technical levels. Give it a try and watch your Bing index skyrocket!

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