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LifeTime 1

$ 100 one Time

(2,500,000 vnd)
  • 20 post per month
  • 60, 000 words per month
  • 20 times use KW.Tool per month
  • Unlimited other features

LifeTime 2

$ 200 one Time

(5,000,000 vnd)
  • 40 post per month
  • 150, 000 words per month
  • 40 times use KW.Tool per month
  • Unlimited other features
(*) 1 month = 31 days. If you place your order on day 24-07-2024, the expiration date will be day 24-08-2024
Free $0/month Starter $9/month Grow $19/month Pro $29/month Corp $49/month
Posts/Month 0 60 150 300 600
Words/Month 5,000 180,000 450,000 900,000 1,800,000
24 SEO Tools free (limit by word count)
Keyword Research
150+ supported languages
Generate article with AI
Rewrite content using AI
Optimize old article with AI
Unlimited Publish
Unlimited Websites ...
Featured & Post Images
Youtube videos
SEO Score
Auto-Indexing (Google + Bing)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers

Duration and pricing of each service package
The AIKTP pricing plans include multiple packages: Starter, Grow, Pro, and more. Each package has a duration of 30 days (1 month) starting from the registration date. For example, if you register on May 10, 2023, the expiration date will be June 11, 2023
The number of words and articles are limits of the service package for 30 days (1 month) from the date of payment. If you exceed the number of words or articles, you will need to renew by purchasing a new package
The lifetime service package is a service where you only need to pay a one-time fee to use the AIKTP service forever without any additional costs in the future
The limits of the lifetime package include the number of articles and the number of words generated by the AI. The article limit refers to the maximum number of articles when using the AI WRITER feature, while the word limit is the total number of words generated by the AI per month
The reset time depends on the date of your payment. For example, if you make a payment on May 10th, then on June 10th, the number of articles and words will be reset according to the package you subscribed to.
AIKTP operates based on OpenAI's API, so if OpenAI ceases operations, AIKTP may also cease to operate. In this case, you would no longer be able to use the lifetime package
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