AI Blog Writer Tool is an AI-powered tool that creates SEO-friendly articles of 2,000-2,500 words. With AIKTP, you get grammatically correct content quickly and easily by just providing keywords or an outline, generating a full article in one minute

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Fast and Simple Solution With AI

AIKTP supports multiple ways to write articles with AI

Write Post By Keywords

Provide a main keyword, AI assists in finding related keywords and completes an article for you

Write Post By Outline

Provide an outline, AI assists in completing the structure and writing the article for you.

Bulk Write Posts

Provide a list of keywords, AI automatically completes thousands of articles for you.

Write News

AI produces more accurate articles by utilizing data from Google search

Smart AI - Long-Form Content

Based on the data you provide, AI can write more accurate and SEO optimized articles

Paraphrase a paragraph

Providing the original article, AI will rewrite it in a new writing style.

Multiple Platforms

One click, post on multiple website platforms

Swiftly publish on various platforms, with a special focus on unlimited websites

Other Features

Besides generating content using AI AIKTP integrates many other exciting features

AI-Powered Editor

AI technology is integrated into the Editor to help you search for images, videos, write additional content, search for more suggestions from Search, or rewrite a paragraph.

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AI & Search Synced

AIKTP syncs data directly from Search, helping AI write articles with up-to-date content, quickly generating high-quality SEO articles.

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SEO Optimization - SEO Score

Integrated SEO optimization tools, with over 15 SEO criteria to easily refine articles to meet SEO standards, quickly achieving high rankings on Google.

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Ready Images & Videos

Image & video search tools are integrated into AIKTP. After completing the article, you just need to click to select suitable images based on the article content.

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Unlimited Websites

With an AIKTP account, you can manage and add unlimited websites to post articles. Easily manage websites and save investment costs.

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Easy Posting

Easily manage and post articles to your multiple WordPress websites. Smart mechanism with unlimited websites you can add. Helps you use AI with high productivity and efficiency.

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Many more powerful features

chatGPT content creation
AI Image creation
SEO-friendly content
Post to Wordpress
AI Content Editor
Multi-WP Site Manager
Time savings
Schedule Post
Automatic Post
Cost savings
SEO benefits
Multi content types

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What people say

Few valuables words from our customers

Using the AIKTP tool allows you to efficiently analyze keywords, streamline article writing, and enhance your website's ranking. This capability helps attract more potential customers, ultimately boosting your sales performance

Truong Dinh Nam

Online Marketing Expert

AI Keywords To Posts has been a game-changer for my content creation needs. The platform's keyword-based content creation and image creation features have helped me save time and money, while the intelligent content editing system has improved the quality of my content. Highly recommended!

Sarah Johnson

Marketing Manager

I am impressed with the efficiency and quality of AI - Keywords To Post's content creation platform. The ability to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single admin interface has made my workflow smoother, and the comprehensive support resources and dedicated customer support team have been a great help. Thank you!

John Lee

Freelance Blogger


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers

What is the content written by AI based on?
The content written by AI is based on the keywords you provide. Each article will be around 1,500 to 2,000 words, depending on the keywords. If you choose the AI-generated image feature, the article will also have four additional illustrated images.
Not just a text-writing AI, AIKTP can also write blogs, summarize texts, rewrite passages, optimize keywords in articles, and enhance the SEO score of the content
The AI-generated articles follow the SEO model (E-A-T), and you can also choose from various tones to have AI write in-depth about specific fields such as cooking, technology, or professional writing.
Generally, it takes about 1-2 minutes to write a complete article. If you choose the option to generate images, it will take an additional minute.
The platform allows you to quickly post articles on websites using WordPress. You can schedule the post or manually publish it.
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