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AI Documents Summarizer Tool

AI document summarization tool, part of the AIKTP Text summarizer toolkit. Utilizing artificial intelligence technology, it swiftly summarizes the entire contents of your Word file in the blink of an eye. This document summarization tool helps you grasp the main points of your document quickly

What is a document summarization tool?

AIKTP document summarization tool is a software application designed to condense and extract key information from a given document, text, or set of documents while retaining the essential meaning and important details.

The primary goal of such tools is to provide a concise and coherent summary, enabling users to quickly grasp the main ideas and relevant content without having to read the entire document.

There are two main types of document summarization: Concise Summary, Key Highlights Summary

Our summarization tool operates entirely automatically, utilizing an AI model trained on a vast amount of Vietnamese language data to analyze syntax, semantics, relationships between sentences, keywords, and more. This process enables it to identify crucial information and synthesize it into a comprehensive summary.

Document summarization tools find applications in various fields such as information retrieval, content analysis, and document management. They are particularly useful for professionals who need to quickly review large volumes of text, researchers looking to analyze numerous documents efficiently, or individuals seeking a rapid overview of lengthy articles or reports.

Types of Content that can be Summarized

Summarize books, ebooks Summarize letters Summarize articles Summarize essays Summarize theses Summarize composition exercises Summarize homework exercises Summarize reports Summarize documents Summarize foreign texts Summarize Word documents Summarize Facebook posts Summarize social media posts Summarize multilingual content Summarize emails Summarize presentations Summarize books Summarize avoiding plagiarism essays Summarize AI-generated content Summarize legal documents Summarize company regulations Summarize stories Summarize novels Summarize business documents

How the Text Summarization Tool Works

AIKTP's AI Text Summarizer Tool utilizes AI to read the text content you provide and generates a summary based on that content. To use the summarization tool, follow these steps:
Depending on the length of the text you provide, AI may take some time (approximately 20 to 60 seconds) to read and comprehend before generating the summary. So, please wait for AI to complete its task after clicking the button.

Why You Should Use a Text Summarization Tool

Utilizing this tool helps save time comprehending extensive content, swiftly capturing the main ideas. Additionally, it proves beneficial for academic purposes, research, summarizing books, documents, and articles.
Therefore, you should use a text summarization tool if you:

Want a quick and free solution

Summarize documents and text quickly and for free. Note that AIKTP provides limited access for free accounts on a daily basis.

Save time and effort in understanding lengthy texts

Instead of reading the entire text, use the tool to quickly grasp the main ideas in just a few minutes. This significantly saves you time and effort.

Need assistance in summarizing study materials and research

When required to read and summarize numerous books, documents for study, and research, the summarization tool helps you quickly capture key ideas.

Enhance information analysis and synthesis

Through the summary, you gain an overview of the text content, enabling efficient analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information. If you find useful information relevant to your work goals, you can explore the detailed content later.

Convenience and ease of use anytime, anywhere

With the application of AI technology, you can summarize text on your smartphone quickly and conveniently.

Distinguishing Between Concise Summaries and Main Idea Summaries

The summarization tool provides two summary modes: concise and main idea. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate summarization mode.

Concise Summary

A concise summary briefly summarizes the main content with a very short length.

Main Idea Summary

A main idea summary is more detailed and comprehensive, including the introduction, body, conclusion, and key points.

The Difference Between Summarization and Interpretation

Summarization involves presenting the main ideas of the original text concisely. Interpretation, on the other hand, entails explaining and analyzing the deeper ideas and perspectives presented in the text.
In case you need an interpretation tool, AIKTP provides a tool to help you interpret, rewrite article content, or create a new article with AI based on basic ideas.

Tips for Usage


Although the summarization tool employs advanced AI technology, both technology and humans may have errors. Therefore, always double-check the summary. Read it carefully to ensure there are no mistakes, logical errors, or unclear expressions. Make edits if necessary.

Cite sources

Always clearly state which original text the summary is automatically generated from. Do not use text summaries and present them as if they are your handwritten work.

Consider the tool

Summarization is a process that helps you save time and effort in reading the entire text. However, automated summarization cannot completely replace reading and understanding the details of the text. Therefore, if you have time, it is still necessary to read the original content to fully grasp the details.

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