AI Rewriter - AI Paraphrasing Toolkit

The AI Rewriter, a product of AIKTP, is designed to effortlessly and swiftly rephrase paragraphs, documents, and URLs

1. Paraphrasing tool for paragraphs

The paraphrasing tool is the most basic tool of the AIKTP paraphrasing toolkit. By using this tool, users only input the passage as text, without formatting or images.

The paraphrasing tool utilizes AI to rewrite the passage, generating new text by altering wording or sentence structure.

The paraphrasing tool is suitable for short content such as Facebook posts, Zalo messages, messenger chats, etc. It is suitable for those who need to quickly utilize the Rewrite feature.

Especially before requesting AI to rewrite the passage, you can choose different writing styles. The rewritten content of the passage will vary depending on the writing style you have selected.

Paraphrase a paragraph

2. Paraphrasing tool for articles

The article rewriting tool, also known as the article paraphrase tool, is an upgraded version of the paragraph rewriting tool.

Using this tool, you can provide complete articles including: text content, images, videos. AI will then extract and paraphrase the entire article for you.

The article rewriting tool is suitable when you need to paraphrase long content such as: posts on websites, document files like Word, PDFs.

Especially before requesting AI to paraphrase the article, you can add Target Keywords. This will help AI focus on keywords to improve SEO Score, enhance the quality, and optimize the effectiveness of the article.

Paraphrase an article

3. Paraphrasing tool for URLs

The URL paraphrasing tool is an advanced tool exclusively available at AIKTP. With this tool, you simply need to provide a URL, and AI will automatically gather the content and rewrite a new article for you.

The URL paraphrasing tool allows you to customize the outline of the article, so the new article will have a completely different structure from the original one. Therefore, this tool is suitable when you want to write website content, blog posts, or product review articles.

Especially when requesting AI to rewrite a URL, you can provide a URL in a different language (such as English) and request the rewrite in Vietnamese. This way, you will have more up-to-date articles, saving translation time.

Paraphrase a URL

What is Paraphrasing Tool?

Text rewriting is the process of using new vocabulary and grammar structures to express the meaning of a paragraph or a short passage from its original source.

The text rewriting process typically generates a new text, with a meaning similar to the original but without duplicating it.

To rewrite text, there are two commonly used methods:

  • Rewrite: Keeping the original structure intact. Rewriting produces new text versions from existing content without altering the sentence structure or original meaning.
  • Paraphrase: Expressing differently. Paraphrasing involves rephrasing the meaning of the original text using different vocabulary and grammar structures, bringing freshness to the content.

Both Rewrite and Paraphrase modes are integrated into the AI Rewriter tool of AIKTP. The combination of AI and content analysis techniques by sentence or paragraph helps you rewrite text quickly, easily, and conveniently.

Who Should Use This Tool?

The paraphrasing tool can be useful for various individuals, depending on different usage situations. If you belong to the following groups, you may consider using this tool:

  • Editors and Writers: Those working in editing and writing fields can use the rewriting tool to restructure, adjust, and improve text expression quickly and effectively.
  • Journalists and Authors: Journalists and authors can use the rewriting tool to generate multiple versions of the same idea or content for different purposes such as articles, reports, or books.
  • Web Content Writers: The paraphrasing tool can help content writers create new sentences or articles without having to rewrite entirely from scratch.
  • Students and Researchers: Students and researchers can use the rewriting tool to restructure and improve their essays, reports, or research papers to ensure clarity and logic in their text.
  • Marketers and Advertisers: Marketing and advertising professionals can use the rewriting tool to create multiple versions of the same ad template or marketing message to test the effectiveness of different variations.

Features of AI Rewriter Tool

Rewrite in Different Writing Styles

AI Rewriter not only provides the feature to rewrite text quickly but can also create unique and engaging pieces. The ability to rewrite in different writing styles makes it easy for you to create new text that is more engaging than the original. Below are some writing styles of AI Rewriter:

  • Basic: Maintains the original meaning but brings freshness.
  • Shorten: Makes the text concise and easier to read, saving time for readers.
  • Expand: Adds details and depth to the text, helping readers understand the topic better.
  • Funny: Adds a sense of humor to the text, creating a fun reading experience.
  • Friendly: Communicates with readers in a friendly and approachable manner.
  • Creative: Adds creativity and uniqueness to your text.
  • Emoji: Adds emoticons to create emphasis and interact with readers.

To use the rewrite feature in different writing styles, simply select the Writing Style option. AI Rewriter will restructure the content and express it according to the style you choose.

Rewrite from Different Languages to Native Language

The rewrite feature in the native language helps convert text from another language to the native language smoothly, grammatically correct, and idiomatic. This improves the reader's experience and effectively communicates the meaning of the text.

The rewrite feature in the native language has many advantages over using Google Translate:

  • Higher Quality and Accuracy: The rewrite feature in the native language often provides smoother and more accurate text results than Google Translate's translation. This is because it not only translates each word or phrase but also analyzes the sentence structure and meaning to create a new version with a suitable writing style for the target language.
  • Naturalness: The rewrite feature often produces more natural text, with fewer grammar and contextual errors compared to translation. This makes the text easier to read and effectively conveys the meaning.
  • Contextual Suitability: The rewrite feature usually handles context and expression conversion better between languages. This helps preserve the original meaning of the text and avoids misunderstandings that may occur during translation.

To use the rewrite feature in the native language, simply select the Output Language option. AI Rewriter will automatically analyze the original language and rewrite it into the native language for you.

Rewrite to Improve SEO Score

By integrating additional keywords and outlines, AI Rewriter can rearrange and adjust content, thereby improving Google Search optimization and enhancing the SEO Score of the article.

To improve the quality of SEO Score when AI rewrites a paragraph or article, you can easily adjust parameters such as adding appropriate target keywords, improving content structure, optimizing titles and descriptions, as well as enhancing user experience and page loading speed.

Through SEO improvement, websites or articles are more likely to appear higher in search results, attracting more visits from potential users.

Benefits of Using AI Rewriter Tool

Time Saving

Using rewrite and paraphrase tools significantly saves time compared to rewriting entire content from scratch. By saving writing time, you can focus on developing ideas, researching, developing, or promoting products.

Ensuring Uniqueness

Thanks to advanced technology, these tools generate new content without losing the original meaning. Imagine having an 'excellent article writing employee' diligently 'reading and understanding' and 'rewriting' articles according to various customizations.

Enhancing Content Quality

In addition to rewriting, AIKTP's paraphrasing tool also allows you to expand content automatically. For example, if the original content has only 5 points, you can ask AI to write an additional 5 new points. This creates more content versions, thereby increasing diversity and attractiveness of your website or blog.

Free Trial

The AIKTP's paraphrasing tool offers a free policy for customers. For non-registered customers, you can rewrite 200 words each time. For registered customers, it's free for 5,000 words per month. The quantity will be reset on the first day of each month.

FAQs About the Tool

1. Is text rewriting a paraphrase feature in Vietnamese?

The AI Rewriter paraphrasing tool of AITKP integrates both rewrite and paraphrase features for various languages, including Vietnamese, English, French, and many others. You can easily select the output language for the text before rewriting.

2. What are the rewrite and paraphrase features?

The rewrite feature keeps the original structure of the text intact, while the paraphrase feature focuses on retaining the semantic meaning of the text but may change the sentence or paragraph structure.

3. How to differentiate between text rewriting and sentence rewriting?

Sentence rewriting focuses on replacing synonyms within the sentence. In contrast, the text rewriting feature will generate a new text while preserving the semantic meaning of the entire paragraph. Therefore, the text rewriting feature creates more creative new texts that are easier to attract readers.

4. Does text rewriting avoid plagiarism?

The AI Rewriter paraphrasing tool generates a new text from the original text in various writing styles. This helps avoid plagiarism detection algorithms.

5. Is the text rewriting feature of AIKTP free?

The text rewriting feature of AIKTP provides 10,000 words for free per month. You just need to create an account and use it 24/7.

AIKTP's free blog writing tool

AIKTP provides all these tools completely free. Use them as you like.